Get Strong

“Strong” 1 LB Weighted Jump Rope makes jumping easy to learn for beginners and offers a unique challenge. Great for weight loss, cardio, and strength training.


  • Adjustable heavy rope 1LB
  • Comfortable anti-grip PU handle
  • Ball bearing in each handle for a smooth feel and no tangling
  • 8mm thick heavy PVC rope (cable inside) | 400g (0.9lbs)

The rope has four lengths:

  • Small (User height: 1.45m-1.63m; Rope length: 2.44m)
  • Medium (User height: 1.64m-1.74m; Rope length: 2.59m)
  • Large (User height: 1.75m-1.88m; Rope length: 2.74m)
  • X-Large (User height: 1.89m-2.06m; Rope length: 2.90m)

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