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  • Non-Slip Power Alloy Handle. Power handles offer a strong, comfortable, and ergonomic grip optimized for jumping.
  • Precision Steel Bearings System. The handle features a ball-bearing system, gives you perfect and smooth jumping experience.
  • Optional Length for Different Heights. Four sizes of rope from 8’0”- 9’6”(2.44M to 2.90M) according to your height. Good for jump rope adult.(excluding handles)
  • Suitable for Fitness Goers. The 1LB jumping rope well-matched to fitness goers quickly uses calories and effectively enhances strength and endurance.

The rope has four lengths:

  • Small (User height: 1.45m-1.63m; Rope length: 2.44m)
  • Medium (User height: 1.64m-1.74m; Rope length: 2.59m)
  • Large (User height: 1.75m-1.88m; Rope length: 2.74m)
  • X-Large (User height: 1.89m-2.06m; Rope length: 2.90m)

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