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As a leading freestyle jump rope manufacturer & supplier in the industry. Hererope utilized only the best materials present today on crafting durable freestyle jump ropes that strictly complies to the stringent industry and global market standards.

Hererope FreestyleJump Ropes

Hererope Freestyle Jump rope Advantages

Increase workout productivity by acquiring the right weighted jump ropes. Hererope weighted jump rope manufacturer catalog offers an extensive line of the reliable and durable weighted skipping ropes set right that is perfect for you.

Weighted Ropes

Our exchangeable weighted ropes allows you to activate more muscle groups than a regular rope. Including three weighted ropes (from 1/4LB, 1/2LB to 1LB). Both beginners and professionals can find the jump ropes suitable for them.

Fast clip system

The clip connection system for quickly switching between light and heavy ropes.It is helpful to level up your jump rope skill step by step.

hererope get pro rope

Ball bearing system

The handles with professional ball bearing rotate to every movement from your wrist. They provide steady and safe at every jumping rope experience.

Ergonomic handles

The handle is covered by a slide of high-quality leather, which helps you hold the handles firmly even your hands are sweaty. The ergonomic design of the handle ensures you comfortability- no matter how long you jump rope.

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Why Choose Hererope Freestyle Jump Rope Manufacturer

Partnered to many industrial businesses from around the globe, Hererope has a reputation of being one of the best weighted jump rope supplier for many years. We have a reputation of delivering exceptional products than aids personal service and production requirements of all sizes. We create our heavy jump ropes to match both custom and standard application that administer result as expected to intended material and application

Our customers and clients have trusted us for years due to our efficient respond to their demands, quality requirements and our very expertise in the field of weighted jump rope manufacturing and engineering.

Customer Support

We have 24/7 online customer support team, helping you solve any problem about our products.

Service Coverage

Hererope operates globally. We cover different regions from USA, Europe, Asia and more.


Hererope weighted skipping rope manufacturer & supplier has over 15 years of field expertise and experience.

Cost Saver

The company innovates to both custom and conventional demands creating cost-saving solutions.


Prodcut warranty applies to all products under Hererope heavy jump rope manufacturer for risk-free purchases.

What Our Clients Say!

I like that this jump rope has ball-bearing handles and the material of the rope is durable. Although this exercise equipment is a bit heavy and tiring for the arms, if you are in search of a professional jump rope for you, this is great.

Jemma Stone

I was looking at the Crossrope lean set, but I didn’t want to spend $100 on just two rope sizes. I found the “Get Pro Rope” set from HEREROPE, and I just have to say I’m happy I took the risk on this jump rope. It’s ridiculously smooth. Take the chance and buy this rope! So worth it.

Kelly Joe

What I like about this jump rope system that comes with 3 different weighted ropes 1/4, 1/2, lb. Changing the ropes just takes couple of seconds and it’s super quick and easy with the fast-clip connections. Being able to change to different gauge ropes that are heavier tends to produce for intense jump rope workout.

Stella Alba

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