Jump rope for weight loss

Hererope weighted jump rope features

Hererope weighted skipping ropes are ideal for beginners. The extra weight is easier to feel as the rope rotates around your body, making it easier to time your jumps. Weighted ropes also turn slower than normal ropes. This is helpful in achieving the best possible curvature and learning the right shape – two essential techniques for beginners.

Hererope weighted ropes include ropes with different weights and a set of handles. Simply detach the handles from one rope and reconnect them to another rope. It only takes a few seconds! This training method provides variety and allows you to adjust the intensity of your training as you wish.

The perfect full body workout

Hererope jump rope is more than a regular jump rope.You'll actually enjoy fat burning and building muscles with our workouts.

Build Lean Muscles and Burn Fat

Hererope heavy ropes are more effective than normal ropes in building lean muscles and reducing body fat because they require the use of more energy

Greater Muscle Engagement

Our weighted ropes work all of the body muscles even more and also train the triceps, forearms and the rest of the back muscles.

Hererope weighted skipping rope solution

Want to jump rope for weight loss or build your muscle in a short time? Give us a call. Our customer service experts are more than willing to assist you with your queries.

Hererope Weighted Jump Ropes List

hererope weighted jump rope

Get Pro

Three different weighted ropes in one weighted jump rope set. Ropes' weight ranges: 1/4LB, 1/2LB, 1LB

Get Shape

1LB weighted jump rope. With Power Alloy Handle, 8MM Durable & Adjustable Heavy Jumping Rope for Fitness

Get Strong

1LB Jump Rope Weighted with Non-slip PU Handles, Adjustable Heavy Jump Rope with Ball-bearing, Great for Build Muscle, Improve Power, Workout & Fitness

Why Choose Hererope Jump Rope Manufacturer

Hererope is the global jump rope leader and a portable fitness tool that makes workouts fun anytime, anywhere. The patented fast clip system allows one to quickly change between light and heavy ropes for a versatile workout.If you don’t have a lot of time, but want to get in a heart-pumping workout, you surely should try Hererope weighted ropes, because it will help to burn the fat faster than the normal jump ropes.

Trusted Manufacturer

The company is a trusted jump rope manufacturer and supplier for 15 years. Our products have reached more than 30 countries across the globe.

High Quality

Materials used by Hererope are handpicked resulting in premium grade jump ropes. All jump ropes are crafted inside the company's ISO certified facility

Expert Engineers

Hererope is manned by industry-leading experts. We leverage our jump rope experience and field expertise to create universal jump rope solutions


Our catalog is comprised of over 200


Using advanced techniques and we reduce our cost on producing the jump rope

Safe and Secure

All jump ropes are through our high-standard quality. They are safe and secure to be used.

Our Clients Question

Here you will find a detailed article about on how you can start jumping rope as a beginner with no experience.

Hererope is a unique jump rope fitness experience designed to give you a fun and effective workout in under 30 minutes, anywhere. Our interchangeable system of ropes allows you to easily and quickly switch between different weights of ropes to give you a more versatile full-body workout.

If you’re looking for the full fitness solution to help you look, feel, and perform your best, the Get Pro is right for you. It includes all our ropes and both sets of handles so you can keep your training fun, versatile, and effective.

If you’re looking to get lean and toned at a great price, our Get Strong/ Shape Set is a great choice.

Our handles are covered by our lifetime warranty. That means if you ever experience any issues with your handles, our support team will provide you with a replacement right away.

We have a 60 day no-hassle returns and exchange policy which means you can try the ropes, use them on any surface, and still return them if you don’t love them. If you are purchasing our ropes as a gift, you can be sure that if your gift receiver needs a size or product exchange, we’ll be there to help.

For beginners we recommend the longer version. This will give you more room for mistakes while learning.

If you already have experience in jumping or are generally well coordinated, then it depends on your personal preference.

If you want to maximize your speed, choose the shorter version. If you want to do more tricks and freestyle jumps, take the longer version.

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