About Hererope jump rope company

Hererope jump rope company is targeting at those people who do not have time but want to keep fit. The company uses an advance technical power, management system, and is equipped with in-house R&D that allows use to self-design, customize, and innovate our products. Every jump rope offered under our brand is made adhering to American and European standards to meet the global market requirements.




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Hererope jump rope workforce

Advance types of machinery are nothing without the force working behind their buttons. Hererope jump rope company is a balance of advanced technology and professionals. The company is backed by more than 100+ employees under the production department and team management. 30 people on the sales team, 20 one the research and development department. And 50+ managerial staff.

Hererope jump rope product testing

To achieve quality jump rope, Hererope implements strict quality inspection and testing. All procedures are made under the certified roof of the company’s facility. Hererope is equipped with advanced inspection equipment and testing rooms that accurately tell our professonals where our products, jump rope stand.

Why choosse Hererope Jump Rope Manufacturer

Tons of jump rope suppliers have been rising due to the exponntial growth in demand for power tools over time. Hererope jump rope company is one of the biggest names. Thousands of satisfied customers and clients testify that our jump ropes are above conventional products and are of the highest level when it comes to comfort and durability. We provide jump ropes that can be of use to many applications including fat buring, body muscle building, endurance and many more.

Leading Professionals

Manned with industry-leading engineers and professionals

Leading professionals

Manned with industry-leading engineers and professionals

Low cost

Hererope jump rope company uses cutting-edge technology allowing low-cost production for affordable products

Trusted company

Hererope jump rope company has been partnered with many known clients for years and numbers just won't stop

High quality

The company uses top-notch, hand-picked materials. This is to deliver the best jump ropes today.

Reliable service

24/7 online customer support- have your concerns attended by our sales and support professionals

Our Happy Clients!

Sturdy rope and perfect length for me. I’m 5’3! I loooove the color! It was extremely easy to put together. I just placed the rope ends in the hole of the handle and pushed it about 2 inches down in the hole and that’s it. I pulled it to see if the rope would slide out and it didn’t! The material is quite sturdy. The handles aren’t heavy though it’s made with stainless steal. I highly recommend.


I’m an avid jump roper, I love it for cardio and I’ve tried weighted jump ropes before, which I haven’t been a fan of, because they can feel kind of clunky. I love this one! It’s absolutely great!!

Erica, UK

Great little jumprope! It says it’s weighted but most of the weight is in the handles, which are probably less than 1/4lb each. Super long rope and the on-the-fly adjustable handles work great to set the length. Rope has a metal core with a soft outer coating. You will probably want to use this indoors or on a mat since concrete would probably chip away at the coating. Wish it was a little heavier, but perfect otherwise!

Delirium- Germany

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