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Frequently asked questions from our customers ...

HiBeast Pull is suitable for both beginners and advanced users. Due to the adjustable tensile strength, HiBeast Pull can be perfectly adapted to your needs. 

Naturally. With your order you get a 14 day money back guarantee and a 5 year warranty. 

All muscle groups. There are exercises for your arms, chest, back, legs, shoulders, abs and everything in between. 

On all smooth surfaces (wood, tiles, glass, floor, etc.). It is only important that the surface cannot attach any small gaps, as the suction cup system will not work.

By activating the small pump, the air is drawn out from under the HiBeast Pull. The resulting vacuum means that the HiBeast Pull literally "sticks" to the surface.

Yes. If you order more than one device, you will receive a discount. If you only need one device, just ask a friend or someone in your family if they would like to order with you. Then you also have a training partner;)

Shipping takes 10-15 working days. All our orders are sent with fast shipping way directly from our warehouse.

You can currently pay with credit card, PayPal and instant transfer. Please contact our support if you need help with your order.